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About us

Thank you for visiting our site. We're a small family owned business located in Mobile, Alabama. We strive to produce a quality product and work hard to offer exceptional customer service. All of our bedding and accessories are cut and sewn at our shop in Mobile.

Our story started in 1990 when Gwen, who had a new baby boy at home, starting sewing baby bedding and other items for local mothers. Within just a few years she was sewing custom baby bedding and baby clothing for a boutique in Texas. While working with this company she had the privilege of making the bassinet cover for a little princess who lives overseas. The boutique company went in a different direction with their business and phased out the bedding side of their company, but a local designer opened a custom baby bedding store and came to Gwen to sew her bedding. A few years later Gwen's cousin Edward retired from the computer department of a local university and thought it might be a good time for Gwen to offer her products directly to the customer. Using his background in computers and Gwen's experience with the crib bedding industry, Just Baby Designs was launched in 2008. Our Etsy shop went live in 2012 (check out our reviews on Etsy.) Edward pulled in his wife Scottie to handle paperwork and customer service, and soon Scottie's sister Andrea came in to help Gwen with the sewing. Sometimes if things get a bit too hectic Miss Bi, a neighbor across the road who is an excellent seamstress (she critiques Gwen) comes in to help out. When Edward decided to truly enjoy the retired life, Scottie's other sister Brooke joined the crew; she handles the packaging and shipping on Fridays. She worked with Gwen during her time with the boutique in Texas, so she can also help out with the sewing if needed.

We're happy to help you with any questions you have. We can help you design a custom set; at times we've even worked with customer supplied fabric. Payment plans are also available. We know having a baby is a big event, and we're here to help with the bedding aspect by producing a quality product that you can be happy with and your baby can sleep well on.

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